About Me

Welcome to Lifestyle With Nayla, the lifestyle page for both cats and their humans!

My name is Nayla and I am an orange cat who loves art, fashion, DIY, music, and all things lifestyle. I have a brother named Hobson, and we have a cat mom and cat dad—they’re humans who take care of us and love us very much!

I love to help my cat mom with everything she does around our house. Cleaning, making coffee or snacks, watering our plants, doing homework, whatever it is— I’m right there, being cute and helpful! My absolute favorite part of our morning routine is when my cat mom makes the bed in the morning! I love to play in the sheets while she tries to pull them back up over the mattress, help find a good arrangement for all of the pillows, and make sure the decorative throw blankets are nice and cozy.

Some other favorite parts of my daily routine include watering our plants, and of course—breakfast and snack times! I’ll go into more on my window garden and diet in future posts. You can also expect how to videos and tutorials, along with lots of other fun with me, my brother, and my cat parents!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Lifestyle With Nayla! I make new posts and upload videos to YouTube on CATurdays! Have a purrr-fect day!

Check out my YouTube videos here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzbVpD6yMP6JldMnfVfWpYg

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