Trying On a Tiny Human Outfit

Recently, my cat mom experienced a wave of creative energy and surprised me with this. It’s a matching crop top and pleated skirt that are just my size!

Wow, that’s for me? 💖 So cute!

I’ve never worn clothes like this before. I don’t know if they’ll be something I wear all of the time, for special occasions, or just right meow—when I’m trying them on for the first time!

Earlier this year my cat mom got, both me and my brother, very cute holiday sweaters. We tried them on, but they made us feel too hot and constricted to wear again. I’m excited to try something on that’s made with a more lightweight fabric, and less restrictive design!

Before sewing my outfit, my cat mom showed me different types of fabric and told me to pick my favorite. She also used the tape measure to take my measurements, so it’d be just my size. I had a lot of fun during this step and showed off my fierce snake hunting skills before I realized it wasn’t a predator, or a cat toy, but was actually my cat mom’s crafting tool.

being fierce and hunting the tape measure

I’ll post a full tutorial on how my cat mom made this cute outfit for me very soon, in case you want to make an outfit for your own cats at home! Now it’s time for me to try this on…

Trying on my crop top and skirt!

I tried on the outfit! Even though it’s very cute, I don’t think I’ll be wearing the pleated skirt again, but the shirt I can see myself wearing again for some special occasions. It also can be worn two ways, snapped on the back or at the front, and I like the versatility.

Here are some pictures of me in my outfit since I’ll probably wear it rarely, but even I can admit, I do look cute in a crop top and pleated skirt.

I tried it, and it’s not for me!

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll be posting a full tutorial soon on how my cat mom made me this outfit, in addition to how to make your very own crop top and pleated skirt, to match your cat’s! If this is your first time reading, I’m a cute orange cat who loves all things lifestyle.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out Lifestyle With Nayla! I hope you have a purrr-fect day. I’ll see you next CAT-urday!